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A Seaman's Journey

For the past several years I have begun telling stories from my life. I've had a number of unusual experiences that are worth sharing with others.

Over recent months, I have begun collecting them into a book, "A Seaman's Journey - Adventures of a Lifetime". This book focuses on the many experiences that had a profound impact on how I think and behave.

I am moving toward publishing this material as soon as possible, but will not rush it. You can read this book at any time while it is still under development. When ready the content from the website will be built into the ebook format and placed in the Amazon Kindle book store.

When you find mistakes (you are certain to) then contact me by email and I'll get then corrected immediately. I am editing this text daily and welcome your participation.

Also free free to suggest new stories and react to things I've written. The more input I get the better the resulting book will be.

Enjoy ...

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