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UNC Web Development Course Project

This is my fifth year teaching at University of Northern Colorado. I've taught the following classes:

  • Intro to Web Development
  • Intermediate Web Development (with PHP)
  • Intermediate Web Development (with Python)
  • Software Engineering

When school finished in early December I put my attention toward building a version of the web development class that could be taught by another professor at UNC. I've been working intensely on rewriting all my website server code.

I also needed to update all of the course materials that I created for course so that they could be used to teach in the Spring. Classes started a week ago and I was able to handoff the course content and provide server infrastructure to the students in the class. You can see the hosted version of the class at .

I am taking the Spring semester off in order to focus on other career and personal goals. Right now the plan is to return Fall of 2022 to teach the Intermediate Web Dev class and the Software Engineering class.

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