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Season of Old Age

There are four major seasons of life. Each of these have fundamentally different challenges and opportunities. The season is inevitable because our lives are not static but constantly changing.

As life changes, so do all of the details that affect our daily living. Just as the weather patterns change in predictable ways, our experience will follow predictable patterns. These seasons of life must be understood in order to adapt properly to them.

I'm just entering my fourth quarter of life. During this season I hope to bring together the threads that have run throughout my life. I believe that this will be a time of great productivity and fulfillment.

Many people claim that their sixties were the most productive decade of their life, followed by the seventies, and then fifties. I hope that this will be the case in my life. Recently I have begun writing seriously and intend to publish several books. I feel like I understand things at a deeper level than I ever have and wish to share those insights with others.

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