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Banks of the Missouri

Looking Toward the Future

As I stood overlooking the Missouri river far below I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Life happens while we make other plans, and I was not enjoying the direction it was taking. I wondered again whether the best years were behind and all I had to look forward to was declining health, wealth, and welfare.

This is the very spot where Lewis and Clark had spent the winter with the Mandan tribe on their own adventure in 1802. Now my unknown path ahead had me contemplating the hardships that lay before me. Numerous concerns were filling my mind with dread for worst case scenarios that seemed quite likely.

I found myself grieving for all that was lost. There is a graveyard overlooking the river and that seemed like a peaceful place to walk. As I strolled though the gravestones I noted the dates. As I climbed higher on the hill the dates got older. I marveled at the gravestones for people that were born as early as 1820 in far away places. What were their lives like? How did they end up here? What does our lifetime count for?

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