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Writing Projects

I'm currently writing up a storm. There are a number of projects that I've been wanting to pursue for years but was distracted by building software and teaching college. Since UNC classes ended in December I have had the amazing opportunity to write full-time.

This has been a personal dream of mine and now I can make it a reality. As I am creating content, it is fun to communicate with others and show them what I am writing. This can be a time-consuming task and one that falls outside of my strengths and passion.

I've created a blog about writing to help me keep others updated without filling your inbox with spam or otherwise becoming annoying. I've created Seaman's Log to keep anyone interested in what I'm doing.

I'm writing and publishing about 1000 words every day. But my time is split between a lot of different projects. I'm currently writing three books, and four blogs.

Seaman's Log has a new page each day highlighting a featured article. These links provide single-click access to the full content that is published online. They also include a small sample so that you can see if it is worth going to the article. By skimming Seaman's Log you can get a quick ideas of the things that I'm writing about.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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