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Bag of Potatoes

Billy crouched on the running boards of the train as it raced through the country side. He did not have enough money to get a ticket for the inside. He was on a terribly important mission. The very survival of his family was at stake.

The war was over now but the true struggle had just started. Most of the people in Berlin lived in rubble from the allied bombing. The survivors were starving to death and bands of Russian soldiers were wandering the streets looking for payback. Stalin had posters put up around the city to encourage the army to unbelievable acts of brutality and terror. It was the very worst for the women of any age.

Billy was ten when given the important task of taking a clock and a small chest of drawers into the country to exchange for food. Citizens were trading any possessions that they might have to get enough food to survive another few days or weeks.


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