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The Prima Donna Farm

I grew up on a Prima Donna Farm, which could explain how I turned out. My young adult years were spent in an environment that can be described as a large-scale Darwinian ecosystem where only the fittest survive. My early adult years were devoted to be the best of the best.

Opera singers are not the only profession with Prima Donnas. In fact, they exist in any career path that requires complete and total devotion to achieve at the highest level. Special forces, brain surgeon, rocket scientists, fighter pilots, Olympic athletes, and Harvard lawyers, and 100 other professions.

When breeding dogs there is a constant and conscious attention applied to the gene pool to ensure that only the chosen traits survive. Undesirable traits are identified and weeded out. All of these elite professions are supported by a Prima Donna Farm that guarantees the characteristics of of those that will be selected.

My farm was headquartered in Silicon Valley and dominated the economics of the entire world. In the early 1980s there were 10 companies that controlled the entire electronics industry. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started a company in their garage in 1928 that would continuously breed small companies. Many of these companies would grow to be larger than nations.


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