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Life Stages and Quests

I believe that there are four stages that people progress through as they age. Each stage is driven by a quest. At its core, a quest is defined by asking the question, "Who am I ?". As our life circumstances change, we ask the same question in a different way at each stage.

  • Youth - Quest for Belonging - Who am I and how do I fit?
  • Adult - Quest for Success - Who am I and how do I build a family and career?
  • Mid-life - Quest for Purpose - Who am I and how can I have an impact?
  • Seniority - Quest for Understanding - Who am I and what is my legacy?

Each of these quests must be fulfilled in order to be successful at that stage of life. Sadly many people get struck somewhere along the way and do not finish well. My goal has always been to life my entire life to the limit of my capability.


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