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Struggle for Balance

My thirties were characterized by constant pressure to perform and succeed. This was a time of enormous inner conflict over goals and direction in life. I realized that I had three major life goals that were required to feel fulfilled. Each of these goals could have taken my full mindshare and consumed my time and finances.

Each of these aspirations was more than a check-off item for me. I would not be satisfied with anything less that the 90% of perfection. Each of these areas of development hit close to my core identity and I began to see them as essential to reaching my life destiny.

The three areas of Family, Career, and Spirituality were absolutely essential to me leading a meaningful life. None of these were really optional. The dilemma that I faced daily for close to two decades was how to squeeze it all into one lifetime. I often envied those who could be satisfied with less, but that is not how I am wired.


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