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Year of Tears

I will always remember 2020 as a year of tears.  I just cannot stop crying. I don't like it one bit.

  • Tears of sadness for everything that was lost
  • Tears of frustration and anger for those who cause untold suffering and death
  • Tears of fear not knowing what evil will come next
  • Tears of shame knowing that I too am part of the problem

2021 still brings me to tears but for entirely different reasons.

  • Tears of hope that the government will not crash and burn
  • Tears of joy that prosperity and justice may be more equally shared
  • Tears of anticipation for the vaccines that will bring healing from the pandemic
  • Tears of gratitude that we will not be pulled under by the rising tide of nationalism
  • Tears of inspiration at the women and men who lay down their lives for truth and justice

These are sweet tears.  I never want to stop.   I am feeling alive once again.


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