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Doodly Diving

Deep Dive in Doodly

I've recently decided to dive into the deep end of Doodly. This is a tool that allows the creation of aminated drawing videos with a voice over.

For years I have been drawn to this style of edutainment. In my web development class at UNC I have a project that involves the RSA Animations produced by the Royal Society for the Arts in UK.

I've recently purchased a copy of Doodly and spent some time just learning about it. With a day's effort I produced my first video. There are a lot of moving parts but they have some great training vids to help you get started.

This has opened up a whole new realm for me to explore. I'm imagining how I might incorporate this into my class room experience in the Fall.

When learning new areas I can only learn so much before I feel compelled to produce something. I am very inpatient when it comes to creative projects. I want them to be complete as quickly as I can imagine them.

Doodly gives me tool that allows me to express ideas in a fresh way.
I am extremely excited to see where this will take me.

Incremental Development

In this video I explore the technique that I use for tackling all my creative projects. The video is 6 minutes long. It explains the similarity of differing types of creative projects.

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Software Applications
  • Training Courses
  • Animation Videos

Enjoy the video full screen for maximum pleasure.


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