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Writing My Story

I first became interested in writing my life story when my dad published his memoir seventeen years ago. In reading through his book, I realized what an extraordinary life he had lived.

From abject poverty and abuse, he went on to accomplish things that few others have ever done. What stuck me was, not just the depth of progress that he made in his career field, but also the breadth of activity that he sustained throughout his lifetime.

This got me thinking about my own life. I began to see that I have had some amazing experiences over the years. It has always been my intent to live life with a passion. I have been deeply committed to lifelong learning and a desire to truly understand things at a deep level.

As I rolled north of sixty, telling my story became my primary focus. I realized that the clock was ticking and that I had insights that I needed to pass on to others. I've been working steady on the project for the last couple of years.


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