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Books & Blogs

I am interested in a wide variety of subjects. This is reflected in my writing activities. Rather than mix everything together I have created a collection of publishing venues. Hopefully this will connect more with each of the different groups of readers that follow my writing.

Here are the books and blogs that I am currently writing ...


A Seaman's Journey - The adventure stories from my life. This is an autobiography of people, places, and experiences that have shaped who I am today.

A Seaman's Quest - The philosophy of life that has been developed through the decades. I believe that life can be divided neatly into four stages that each have their own joy, sorrows, victories, and losses. This is the basis of the four quests that we must fulfill to live a complete life.

A Seaman's Poems - Random observations about the beauty and irony of life. Writing poetry allows the freedom to comment without the need to belabor. These poems release me from the tendency to be logical.


Meditations - This blog has 365 daily postings to act as a resource for prayer and meditation. Each day has a short scripture excerpt and a brief prayer.

Seaman's Log - This venue is used to give you a Writer's Sampler Platter. Sometimes, an appetizer is all you need. This venue is like the movie trailers. It briefly highlights article on all of the venues with links for further reading. Each week there is a weekly summary of the highlights, suitable for posting on Facebook or Twitter.


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