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Childhood in the Cold War

In grade school we had drills where the students were instructed to hide under their desks to avoid any harm during a nuclear denotation. This sense of fear colored so much of how we thought about life.

My wife was born in Flagstaff, Arizona at a time when they were doing atom bomb detonations in nearby the nearby Nevada Test Site. On several occasions there were jet stream patterns that carried fallout over Flagstaff. A fairly recent lawsuit made certain residents of the city, who conducted cancer, eligible for a government payout. My mother-in-law was one of the plaintiffs and my wife is also eligible (if she gets cancer).

When I was ten we spent a year in Greece which was ruled by a dictatorship. Greece was the only Balkan state that was not Communist and the Soviets were actively trying to gain control. The struggle of the Cold War was reflected in everyday life in Greece and the US was quite concerned about the balance of power between the Fascist Dictator and the Communists.


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