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Finding Your Destiny

Destiny is fully activating my superpower. It requires many hours of practice and learning. The result is that I live a life that is optimized around my true potential. On the other hand, it is impossible to live out my destiny until my superpower is harnessed. Raw talent is not the same as destiny if left untrained.

My superpower is what gives meaning to my life. When I use my powers for good I experience outrageous joy. Something resonates deep within my spirit that tells me this what I have been created to do. Birds fly, fish swim, and beavers chew trees. They don’t choose it - they are compelled to be who they are.

Each person has a superpower that defines their true destiny. Sadly many people fail to discover their powers and never fully develop them. They live out their lives hoping to find meaning and purpose while not ever seeing what makes them unique. People in this mode often focus on what others have that they lack and are in danger of being consumed by jealousy.

I discovered my powers during adolescence in much the same way as mutants in the X-Men graphic novels become aware of their powers. It is almost never pretty and it is the failure to control the powers properly that attracts attention first. Over time I have learned to apply my powers for good and avoid the dangers inherent in them.


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