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Emotional Transformation

How can we yield our emotions to God?

Even though we seldom realize it, our lives are controlled by our emotions. We like to think of ourselves as being rational beings, with a little emotion added to make us human. In actuality we are emotional beings with a little rational behavior bolted on.

There is a spectrum of how we experience our emotions. On one end some of us act directly out of our current emotional state. Whatever we feel defines our reality and our behavior is a direct result.

Others of us are completely out of touch with our emotions. That does not mean that we do not have feelings, but rather we actively suppress them. Stoic people believe that expressing emotions (other than anger) is a sign of weakness and so they avoid any emotional situations whenever possible.

No matter where we find ourselves on this spectrum we need the Spirit of God to transform us from the inside out. Emotional Intelligence is a measure of our emotional maturity and resilience. There is no self-help teaching that can show us how to become more mature.

Emotional transformation is the result of the Spirit revealing God's tremendous love for us. This is a supernatural experience that only God can provide. The results of soaking in God's love is that we are able to face our emotions in the light of reality.

If we are naturally led by emotions then we can acknowledge their presence without having to be controlled by them. If we have a habit of ignoring our emotions then we can welcome feelings as they come. Learning to feel again will take us to the next level of embracing life.

Jesus said that he came to bring us the abundant life. Embracing emotional health is a key part of the abundant life that Jesus is offering us.

Spend a few minutes inviting the Spirit to speak with you on this topic. You may be amazed with all that he has to say.


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