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My Superpower

With great power comes great responsibility. I believe that everyone has a unique gift that I like to refer to as a superpower. It took me a long time to identify and clarify this concept in my own life, and even longer to learn to use my superpower appropriately.

I'm writing this article to help you identify your superpower and get the most out of your unique personality. Everyone is equipped with differing characteristics that make them special. Each person has some raw talent that makes them super special. Developing this talent into a strength requires years of practice and study. It is neither automatic or certain.

Talents are developed into strengths by practice, experimentation, and study. No Olympic athlete or genius is born that way. There must be a talent present, but this can easily lay dormant. Conscious practice is what adds the skill and knowledge required to create the strength. Your superpower is that one strength that makes you shine.


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