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Personal Review Exercises

These are exercises designed to produce self-awareness

  • Examen - Ancient spiritual formation practice. Contemplate one recent experience where you felt especially close to God and one where you felt alienated. Ask why. Pray for God to speak.
  • Pain and Pleasure - Identify recent events that were the most impactful on an emotional level. Ponder the impact of these experiences to look for insights.
  • Celebration - Regrets - Dreams - Fears - Consider the past and the future. Imagine the good and bad. Write a paragraph summarizing each area of the greatest Celebrations - Regrets - Dreams - Fears.
  • Invested Time - Ponder how your time is invested. What percentage is spend on Work, People, Fun, Growth? Is any area too heavy or light?
  • Roles and Goals - What roles do you play and what are your life goals within each? In the last year what areas can you celebrate and what challenges have you faced?
  • Relationship - Who do you have the most intimate relationship with? Who plays the following roles: Mentor, Disciple, Child, Parent, Comrade, Confidant, Boss, Client, Coworker, Critic, Encourager, and Protector? Are there relationships missing for you?
  • Connection - Who would you like to spend more time with? How can you strengthen your connection with others?
  • Invitation of God - What is God inviting you into? What call to adventure? What is he doing in the lives of those around you?
  • Celebration - Review your calendar and journal for all that happened over the last month. Celebrate your life experience in each area: Work, People, Fun, Growth. Celebrate some more!
  • Toxicity check - We all have areas of ongoing pain. What toxic dynamics do you regularly face? What is one meaningful step that you can take toward resolution?


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