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Learning from Travel

The primary benefit of travel is learning. Finding out about how other people live, shines a spotlight on our own lifestyle. When we see places first-hand there are always surprises. We naturally form assumptions about all kinds of things, yet interacting with other cultures forces us to question and rethink our beliefs.

When you travel you will gather stories. Adventures are a part of it. Learning to survive and thrive in a wide variety of circumstances gives greater confidence in every area of life. It tests our resilience and causes growth.

As a young child, our family took long car trips across the country. Every summer took us to a new place where my father would teach at a university. Sometimes these experiences were difficult but they were a key part of my growth. At age ten I lived in Greece where there was a military dictator ruling the country. I got to experience life in a police state that is quite common to many in the world.


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