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Key Roles

Now that we understand the four factor of motivation we can start to look at the specific roles that we perform. We play many roles in our public and private life. For this discussion we will focus on the work roles that you fill.

Each role ideally derives from you purpose. If not there will be an internal battle for motivation and constant friction between your goals and the needs of others.

If you find yourself in this spot get creative. Either find a way to bend your existing role into something that fits or detach completely and start again. You will never be happy doing a role that is a poor fit for who you want to be.

I've done many types of jobs over the years. Often the roles that I find myself in were defined by others and not that great a fit. The times I have enjoyed the most are always tied to the perfect role that is well aligned with my destiny.

Now I can look at an opportunity and tell within a few minutes if I will be able to thrive. This is usually determined by how well suited I am to the role that I will play.

There are three roles that are aligned to my destiny. One I have known from childhood, and one took me fifty years to discover. I need to perform all three of these roles in order to be fulfilled. Others may be happy with a single role that fits well.


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