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Trying Something New

My dad was a college professor so I grew up associated with universities and campus life. During college my dad let me use his office to study late at night. I always pictured myself being a college professor.

When I was interviewing for my first engineering job, my plan was to work in industry for 2-5 years and then get my PhD and teach at a university. Life often works out differently than how we picture it.

After graduating from college I immediately started working for Hewlett Packard and started a family. Being at the forefront of technology during the early eighties was very rewarding, both economically and emotionally. During the first few years I dreamed of teaching someday but could not justify the hit that my family would need to take to make that happen.

But now, soon after our 40 year high school reunion, we were in a totally different situation. After a lifetime of making a high salary we had no need to make a living. Our kids were grown and had their own families. Now was the time to try something new and bold.


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