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The Internet Arrives on Main Street

The brilliance of the internet is found in its simplicity. There are a few powerful but simple standards that can be easily implemented on every computer in the world. Today there is somewhere around 100 million secure internet servers waiting for your call.

To get a reliable connection between computer there must first be a way to talk between two computers. The Ethernet standard governs how to talk over a LAN, while the IP (Internet Protocol) allow computers to be addressed. The TCP (Transport Control Protocol) governs how information packets are exchanged.

An addressing scheme uses commercial systems (Routers) to routes data packets to any machine in the world. This allows for the world's computers to each have a unique address. This addressing method is quite robust because there is no single place where the information is stored.

It is impossible to destroy the internet. Computers can be added and removed but the internet continues to exist. This makes it extremely hardy and robust.


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