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Pain Antidotes

By looking at each type of painful emotion we can often see a remedy for what we are feeling. Each of these feelings has the answering response that can mitigate our experience of pain. Learning how to invoke these healthy responses in the key to unlocking emotional health.

  • Anger - Humility: Anger is often based on a belief that we have a right to get our will.
  • Fear - Faith: Fear is a lack of trust that things will work out OK.
  • Sadness - Hope: Sadness makes us believe in a future without hope.
  • Shame - Love: Shame comes when we feel cut off from the love and acceptance we crave.

A process of transformation can start with me realizing that I am responsible for my emotional state. While the initial reaction is hard-wired in the brain and involuntary, I have the ability to decide long-term what feelings I feed.

Awareness of the emotions gives me the ability to use the rational part of my brain as a regulator for the amygdala which is responsible for the neuro-chemicals flooding my system. Scientific measurement show that with practice I can learn to control my emotional response. The converse is also true I can choose to spin out of control and excite the amygdala to a greater level.


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