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Path of Healing

The journey toward health begins with a simple realization that I am responsible for my emotional health. In the same way that I am responsible for my physical health, I need to nurture and build healthy habits in my life.

This does not mean that my health is entirely within my control. It is possible to do everything correctly and have tragedy strike. But it does mean that any misfortune will come from the outside and not be the result of my own neglect. Most tragedies are self-induced and a direct result of not paying attention or taking responsibility for what can be controlled.

The choice to pursue redemption and healing must be followed up with a commitment to become more aware of the feelings that drive my behavior. Awareness is the key to transformation. Without it there will be little progress made. Time does not produce growth, but awareness can.

Deep transformation results from a serious investment over time. It is necessary to explore and experiment with differing ways to respond to common situations so that the best alternatives can be found.

The ultimate goal of transformation is to experience real connection with others and ourselves and to find peace. This can't happen overnight, but it will happen as I continue to lean into the things that matter.

A key aspect of emotional transformation is learning to forgive. The act of forgiving releases me from the bondage of past experiences and allows me to fully embrace the future. It is impossible to be connected to others that we are unwilling to forgive. The unforgiveness will act an anchor taking down our relationships and sense of well-being with it.


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