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Apple Macintosh

Most of the early computers had a lot of limitations and required constant fiddling to get them set up to do anything useful. They were very expandable and flexible but also unreliable. Mere mortals could not do much because there was so little software.

In 1984 Apple released the Macintosh computer which was completely unlike anything on the market. It was a completely integrated system with hardware, operating system software, and application software. It was built into a toaster box with a 6-inch display. It had bitmapped graphics and a mouse unlike anything I had ever seen.

It was so different that I was initially unsure about whether it would do real computer work. MacPaint, MacDraw, and MacWrite software allow anyone to build text and graphics documents instantly. The mouse was strangely useful when working with the graphic window interface.

After the initial confusion wore off I became convinced that the future computers would look more like the Mac than they would like the IBM PC. This has indeed proven correct.


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